Glad you relate, sometimes it seems we are the only ones going through those changes and having those difficulties of figuring ourselves out. Thanks for taking the time to read and sharing your thoughts, really appreciated.

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Some moments come as often as the taxman. Moments where you ask yourself who am I really. Getting to the bottom of it is as tough as getting into an Ivy League school or claiming your insurance or room deposit (Yes, Landlord I still remember you). Why is it so difficult?

It’s like every time you think you got you figured out the goal post moves. You change. I have been switching roles faster than the animated character The Mask. From Barber to Graphic Designer to Kindergarten teacher and now Engineer/ Writer (we still working on the details for the…

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There is always room for sadness. There is always room for pain and suffering. There is always room for you to hate and hurt but let there also be room to heal, room to let go and grow, to be happy, joyful, and love plentiful.

This was written by a me I don’t even remember. As I have always said, most writing is less about the reader and more about the author trying to make sense out of their unhealthy predicament. More of self-medication than inspiration for the masses but I digress. …

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There are moments when your heart rate is rising faster than the inflation in a 3 world country. Your body feels as described by Eminem in that song about spaghetti. Your vision is bouncing between clear and blurry like a camera seeking focus. And global warming feels exceptionally real as local floods intensify on your body. The only thought in your mind is … wait for it … I can’t do this, this is a mistake. So you don’t give the speech, apply for the job, write the paper and so on. News flash this isn’t the first time you…

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Relationships sometimes run on autopilot. Conversations are flat like a bot script, there are the occasional memes of course and things look fine. Well, not really, that may be what it is for you or even how it looks like. However, just because the joker is smiling doesn’t mean he is happy. So not until we take the step of asking will we truly know how the person is. Often, it is only until a dark omen has transpired over their lives do we genuinely ask, how are you.

Yes, women may seem better at this but that comes down…

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You are in the kitchen, your mom is cooking, during the magic processes she cuts herself and in that instant, a hand traveling at the speed of light collides with your brains causing constellations to appear at eye level. After gathering yourself, you turn in a state of surprise and shock whispering why, and she replies: It’s because you were in the kitchen. Mistakes were made and it was your fault cause you were in the kitchen. Further translation, you will most likely get hit in the head again the next time you are in the kitchen. …

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You are nearly or just passed 3 decades old and all you see online is a 5-year-old who can speak 5 languages, a woman who made a billion before 21, a teen winning a grammy and your biggest achievement to date was not bringing a child home after just barely making it through college. I wrote about comparison earlier and all it has to offer but you cannot help but compare. The difference between the life you living and the one you aspire and dream of is astronomical, comparable to the wealth gap between the world’s richest and poorest but…

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How could they do that?
Did I ever know them?
I can’t believe that this is you.
Most people say this when someone close to them acts or does something that seems to you anyways out of character. Like Tom helping Jerry, or a waiter adding 5 extra fries to your happy meal (yes, please). This is because we all set expectations on the people we meet and have in our lives. These expectations for better or worse are set to protect ourselves from any physical or emotional hurt. No one likes asking for help and being viciously denied like when you…

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We all have a part of us we try to hideaway. It is like default you. No matter how much I mute and cover it up, it always comes back into the spotlight like one’s singleness and unemployment at a family dinner table. God bless women.

That part you try to banish isn’t going anywhere, think of it like Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk, Naruto and the nine tails, And like them, it isn’t about getting rid of the other but gaining an understanding of that other side of you. It’s useful and has a purpose. My other side…

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To those who draw,
To those who sing ,
To those who write ,
To those who create,
To those who are,
Be generous.

There is this fear that anyone who has ever endeavored and created or made something has had. The fear is, what if this is the best one and only one I have in me. Will I have another? I remember sitting on stories for months cuddling them like Smeagol holding the ring( my precious), you would need a wrench to pull them out of my hands. I thought I couldn’t come up with anything better, they…

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