Celebrate, You Deserve It


To the one working towards a dream that seems to be ever so close but so far. A mirage, a lighthouse in the distance.

To the one who bleeds their life force into every hour of every task. Trying to make tomorrow just a little bit better than today.

To the one who sacrifices comfort and renounces the pleasures for the abundance of tomorrow

To the weekend warrior, the no days off, and the 99 jobs and still can’t make rent.

I raise my right hand to my brow and say fight on, push on, and be strong. In the great words of Buzz Lightyear, “To infinity and beyond”.

But remember to celebrate

smell the roses,

taste the coffee,

feel the sunshine,

hug a friend,

love a mother,

dance in the rain,

and consume the life you are leaving behind as you chase your dreams.

I was going to end it there. Then, I thought I should probably explain why I wrote this. For most of our time, we spend chasing a better point in our lives that is perpetually changing because when we get there we see that there can be better. The goal post does always keep moving and for some, they never really make it there.

Taking time to experience and just be in the world around you recalibrates your mind and gives you an extra boost to keep going. It makes the journey worthwhile. Imagine how much better it was that you stopped in that random town or place while on your way somewhere. Just like that, taking time to enjoy what is around you while you pursue whatever has the same effect. Do something that makes you happy often, be it a meal or buying something is a must. Celebrate the journey, it goes a long way.



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