How will you be remembered

The path thinned as it twisted and turned to the underlying terrain. Overgrown grass partially covered mounds with crookedly placed plates with names and dates. I was walking through a graveyard. There was no fence, the sign was so faded and corroded it was indistinguishable from the dying trees that had vine creeping up them. I paused to read. Some lived decades others lived for hours but here they all found themselves. In death, they were all equal. The unkempt nature of the place told you that most of these were forgotten. But among them were few that had flowers and the grass cut around them. These few were remembered. For what, I am not sure. I asked myself the same question. What will you be remembered for?

We would like to think that the things we spend years trying to achieve are what most people will recall when they think of us. The degrees we earn and the accolades we obtain in our lifetimes. The house or company we leave behind counts for very little. Unless you become Bill Gates or cure cancer most of us won’t have that opportunity. Our lives are simpler.

To the people close to us, what they remember about us are the things that they miss about us even when we are alive. When you pass away people don’t remember what you had but they remember how you made them feel. Whether you made them feel safe loved or you just brought the vibe. It’s those simple things that have the largest impact.

They do not cost a lifetime but their impact echoes into infinity. The infinite hearts of the people that felt you, that you made feel something. That is what people remember. I would like to think that is what had people come back and change the flowers or cut the grass on these very few graves. When people came to these they felt how the person made them feel. They remembered.

So what will you be remembered for?

Thank you for reading, stay awesome.



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Benjamin Mwila Chitakwa

Benjamin Mwila Chitakwa

Writing about our beautifully complicated amazingly simple lives and sharing ideas