It Just Takes Time

The most growling thing someone can go through is paying for an education they can’t afford. Numbers on paper can be misleading, it takes you less than a second to write them down but will take you a lifetime plus eternity to even pay half of what you owe. I lived and breathed this experience and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, it’s like a twisted game of always coming up short no matter how hard you work and save P.S this is a sign of a toxic relationship but that’s another topic for someone else to write. So what was the point of all that suffering? A degree and an important life lesson it takes take time. There are very few and rare shortcuts most of us will not experience. Stuff just takes time.

It takes time to get or do anything worthwhile. There are no shortcuts or cheat codes, things just take time, a lot of it, a crazy amount of it. You have to realize you are not going to win the financial or relationship lottery. You have a better chance of being hit by a car. That dream job you want will take time. That salary you want, it will take time. That house or car guess what it will take time. Let’s not forget, that perfect relationship you want, where the person just gets you, it will take time to get there. I think you are smart enough to get where I am going with this.

So stick to it, cry, shout your lungs out through it. Things take way longer than anyone will admit, it’s easy to say 2 years but try getting through a week without losing hope for what you working on, I’ve tried and I lost all hope by midday Monday. But in the end, you have to pick yourself up and be like Sisyphus and keep pushing even with the setbacks beyond infinity. I’m a sucker for Buzz Lightyear.

Thanks for getting this far, comment your opinion, give it a clap or share it. Have a great week.



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