It’s Okay To Give Up

My greatest strength is that I don’t quit. My greatest weakness is that I don’t quit. We are all told quitters never win and winners never quit. Being a quitter means you have failed and no one likes a failure, right? This is what I thought about quitting. At all costs, I avoided giving up, when I met a dead end I would Frankenstein it to life and have a Zombie-like path to success. I was not going to be a loser. I pressed on not because I saw the light at the end of the tunnel (train)but rather the fear of the shadow that would be cast by my family and friends because I gave up. Someone who started and never finished. In all this, I forgot to ask the most important question, the one question Gimora asked Thanos, What did it cost? For me, what is the cost?

What is the cost of not quitting? What we are giving up on by not being a quitter. What are we losing by not being willing to lose? Smarter people than me call this the opportunity cost, I call it the quitting cost. What are we giving up by pursuing a goal we had when we were 18 and now that we are a decade older and have no love or desire for it at all? Time and experiences change us, therefore changing our needs and wants. Not many of us have it figured out like the teen billionaires and tech giants. Those people are definitely some super alien race that has their future dialed in at conception. As for the rest of us, we move stochastically through life. Picking up and dropping things as we evolve. Not being able to quit or make a pivot may be costing you a whole life you could have lived.

Please don’t go quitting your job without having a valid backup or something of more value lined up. Acting otherwise isn’t courageous it is stupidity (Yes, there’s a thin line between the two). Thank you for reading.



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