Right Actions, Wrong Results

You can do the right thing and get the wrong result. You can do the wrong thing and get the right result. The important part is knowing the difference and separating the results from the action. That is the hardest part it’s like watching Mufasa’s death for the 1000th time and trying not to tear up. Separating the action from the result is difficult because we want the world to work like elementary math, where one plus one equals two or eleven. But that isn’t always the case at times and with some people’s luck most of the time. Just because you do good doesn’t mean the result will be good and the same goes for when you make mistakes.

In my past life, I applied to an architecture school. Before and during the application, I was a beast. I made Dwayne Johnson look like my son with the work I put in my portfolio and learning the craft. I basically made my own Architecture course. After applying a few weeks later, I got a template we regret to inform letter with my name pasted in. Devastated is too weak a word to describe how I felt. It never made sense. I put the work in but the result didn’t match. My process was flawed I thought. What I did was right but the result just didn’t match. It happens. What I had to learn is to focus on who I became during that process.

And now to balance it out. It’s Friday night and I have to post an article before the day ends. My procrastination decided that we aren’t up for it and sat on Youtube watching videos about bread falling (if you don’t believe search I will wait). The bread made me hungry so I spent an hour finding the food with the perfect price to content ratio. With 30 minutes left to post I did the obvious thing, dug up an old piece of writing dusted off the bad grammar, and pushed publish( Genius). To my surprise, it actually did well, better than anything I spent eons writing and rewriting. Best. Post. Ever. But I had to be honest with myself, it wasn’t sustainable like my relationship with chocolate. Wrong actions, fantastic results.

You have made it this far you are a legend. Hopefully, you can better separate the result from the action and trust the process. It is easy to give up on doing things the right way because it genuinely is punishing when the results don’t match. But you have to keep on at it.

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Benjamin Mwila Chitakwa

Benjamin Mwila Chitakwa

Writing about our beautifully complicated amazingly simple lives and sharing ideas