The Most Important Person

It isn’t the person at the front telling the great speech and receiving all the awards.

It isn’t the person who is the most athletic, can sing, has a bombing body, and seems to have it all together. Sounds like someone you could find on a Saturday morning cartoon.

It isn’t the person with the most followers, subscribers, upvotes, and likes. Deep-down we all secretly wish for this be honest.

It isn’t the person everyone admires and brings smiles wider than the milky way galaxy.

It isn’t the person everyone looks up to and wants to become

It isn’t the person who reads 100 books a year, runs a successful business, and gets invited to all conferences.

It isn’t the person with more money than the number of problems you have

I could go on with who it is not. However, we will never get to the most important person. The person you rarely see unless in the mirror. The person you give the least attention or even thought of. The person you forget is there but only when you are stuck in a room alone do you notice them. This person is always self-deprecating. The last person you would pick on the playground or for anything, come to think of it. The one forgiven less, loved less, allowed less but expected to do nothing less than perfect.

The most important person is you. As much time and energy you give to the people you think are important, you should give yourself. Study yourself more, love yourself more, and forgive yourself way more. Because you spend most of your life with you, you are the most important person.



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Benjamin Mwila Chitakwa

Benjamin Mwila Chitakwa

Writing about our beautifully complicated amazingly simple lives and sharing ideas