The Rat Race

You are nearly or just passed 3 decades old and all you see online is a 5-year-old who can speak 5 languages, a woman who made a billion before 21, a teen winning a grammy and your biggest achievement to date was not bringing a child home after just barely making it through college. I wrote about comparison earlier and all it has to offer but you cannot help but compare. The difference between the life you living and the one you aspire and dream of is astronomical, comparable to the wealth gap between the world’s richest and poorest but I digress. You can’t help but ask yourself how? Where did I go wrong? What were my parents doing when all these kids were getting their music classes and learning to code. How many bad decisions got you to where you are now? Will you ever live the life you aspire for? The mind goes down a dark spiral really fast.

The thoughts can be depressing and draining like leaving your data on the whole day thinking you were using Wifi. Friends, family, and the internet do not make it easier. Working on your own dream job or business or life in plain English is hard work and It is alright from time to time to be bothered and to feel like well…, the opposite of a winner. It is okay to feel like time is getting away and your life is but a candle in the wind (Dramatic, I know but true). It is okay to kinda dislike or be jealous of those kids doing amazing things at abnormally young ages. Some things you just have to feel your way through and keep going. I have no super profound method to not feel those feelings cause they just happen. All I can say is that you have to remember to bring things back to the center of your universe that is you.

Where you are, wherever you are is okay. It may not be as bedazzling or headlining as everyone else’s story but it is yours. Each moment of it good or bad was made for you. There is still time, do not pay attention to that examiner who keeps shouting 5 minutes left ( Tell them no you got 5 minutes left). Things will work out for you one way or the other. Keep on keeping on, I know this sounds super cheesy but sometimes it is what the doctor ordered with a dose of laughter. Disclaimer I am not a doctor



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