We are all in Bubbles

Humans operate in these small reality bubbles at a given time. In these bubbles, we tell ourselves stories about the world, the people around us, and ourselves. Yes, it is like we all living in our own Truman show. The problem with bubbles is that they are bubbles. Our views are limited to the circumference of the bubble and it is in the magic of having the right actions and reactions to the world around us does the observed bubble grow.

Realizing that you are in a bubble is the first great step, you now know that you don’t know everything, or worse you know nothing. And it is up to you to try and find the edges of your understanding and expand them.

Interacting with the world around you grows your bubble. Get feedback from people who are honest with you on whether the person the experience matches who you think you are. You may say you are a good person, are you? The short answer may be.

Challenge your understanding and constantly try to learn something new. Learning is optional, I’ve met a great many people who hold the same views they had in the 7th grade. It’s up to you to grow your bubble.

Thanks for reading hope you challenge your understanding and take the steps to expand your world.



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Benjamin Mwila Chitakwa

Benjamin Mwila Chitakwa

Writing about our beautifully complicated amazingly simple lives and sharing ideas